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    Jewellery Cleaning and Care

    Clean your costume jewellery like a pro!   Costume jewellery can be gold or silver plated (a thin layer of the real thing over brass or nickel), with Rhinestones or gemstones and beads. So … why DOES costume jewellery change colour? If it gets wet (in the shower, swimming pool, hot tub, while washing dishes, […]
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    My Clean Bag

    LONG LIVE MY HANDBAG It’s amazing how the handbag has gone from just an accessory to a staple in a woman’s wardrobe. We all love our handbags, it’s therefore important to care for your bags properly to ensure that it has a long life. Periodic cleaning and correct storage will keep your bags looking like […]
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    Need a Bag?

    If you require a bag that is not on the site please contact me and we shall help source for the item. 
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    5 Tips to Organize Your Purse or Handbag

      5 Tips to Organize Your Purse or Handbag At some point, everyone has been that person holding up the line searching for money or phone at the bottom of a cluttered purse. Here are some 5 tips to help you organize a bag, choose a handbag you can sort through easily, and keep it neat […]

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