Bags that fit your silhouette

Bags that fit your silhouette

Bags that fit your silhouette


Will it Suit Your Body Shape?

Have you ever thought that the shape and length of your bag can affect your silhouette?

As with any piece of clothing or accessory, it can either take off or add pounds to your body figure, depending on the bag’s size, shape and where it falls on your body.

Generally, if you want to add volume and width to your frame, choose a wide and detailed handbag. Do the opposite if you want to slim down your body shape. Also, pay attention to where the bag falls. It can draw attention to parts of your body you don’t or do like!

To give you a general idea, take a look at these guidelines:

If You Have…

Full/Wide Upper Half

Picture1If you have a full or wide upper body, then you most likely have narrow hips.

Select bags that widen and add width to your lower body (hips and thighs). So choose a handbag that finishes off at below hipbone level.

Examples: Cross body bags, messenger bags. Preferably with some details to add fullness around your hips.

Full/Wide Hips and Legs

Picture2If you have a full or curvy lower bottom (hips, thighs), then you’re likely a Pear or Hourglass.

Look for handbags that visually add volume around your upper body part. So opt for a bag style that finishes off around your upper bust and midsection.

Examples: Leather shoulder bags at mid-riff length, or longer bags but with narrow bodies.

Straight Hip/Waist Figure

Picture3Add volume and dimensions to your frame (add curves around the hips) but if you’re skinny avoid overdoing it with really oversized bags as they’ll only make your frame obviously smaller.

So look for broad and unstructured handbags with details like tassels, fringes, straps, studs, etc. Think slouch and hobo.

Examples: Studded motorcycle bags, metallic and shiny patent materials, cross body bags at hip length to create  curves.

Full/Curvy/Plus-size Figure

Picture4Go for bigger bags (medium if you’re Petite), preferably solid-colored and with vertical details to draw the eye up and down. Avoid carrying small bags as this will only emphasize your full-figure shape.

Examples: Oversized handbags, big leather tote bags.

Short/Petite Frame

Picture5You need a bag scaled to your body size and height, so avoid humongous bag sizes unless you want to look shorter and smaller. If you’re a Plus size, opt for medium-scaled bags, but look for details and shapes that are slimming.

In general, look for handbags and purses with a long strap to help create a long, lean line on your frame. Do pick a bag with a vertical shaped bag to help elongate     your body frame.

Examples: Bags with narrow bodies, details that run at vertical line.
Now that you know what suits you, it’s time to put together an outfit with a bag!

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